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Ken Covell, Attorney at Law

The Law Office of Kenneth L. Covell has been providing quality criminal defense and all legal services to Fairbanks, Northern Alaska and the entire state for over 26 years. Mr. Covell graduated from University of Puget Sound Law School and has been practicing in Fairbanks and Northern Alaska since 1986. He has extensive experience in all phases of criminal law including driving under the influence, assault, drugs, sexual assault, rape, murder, burglary, juvenile cases, and fish and game.

In addition, Mr. Covell practices in the area of employment law and civil rights. He is specifically interested in working on over time claims.

No criminal defense job is too large or too small for Mr. Covell. He has worked on the criminal defense team in such prominent matters as State vs. Joseph Hazelwood; however, but to this day, he will undertake your representation in a traffic ticket case. He is the former President of the Tanana Valley Bar Association and a well-known prominent defense lawyer in the Fairbanks community. He enjoys representation in cases from both the towns and cities, and the rural areas of this state. He is willing to travel anywhere in the state as necessary.

Besides Mr. Covell’s Criminal Law practice, he represents plaintiffs in Civil Rights cases, including Alaska Native hire preference cases.  See Malabed vs. North Slope Borough, and Conitz vs. Teck Cominco.  Mr. Covell also has a substantial appellate practice with numerous appellate decisions. See Prominent Cases.

Mr. Covell practices in both State and Federal Court, and represents Criminal Defendants in the arduous process of Federal Criminal Prosecution.

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